Originally created 09/10/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

DEAR MR. PRESIDENT, after your weapons of mass destruction lie, you continue to distract us from your inability to run a country.

THIS IS A RANT FOR those criticizing Mayor Young for going to the Republican convention at a so-called "critical time." Hogwash. What was going to happen was going to happen with or without Bob Young. Get off his back.

THIS IS ANOTHER RANT for Marion Williams for attempting to bully his way into a private party by the boating community. Not everyone is as impressed with his position as he is, and his continued use of the race card doesn't always work all the time. Everyone is getting tired of all his pushiness.

RAVES TO MAYOR SCOTT Dean and family of Harlem. He treats everybody the same, no matter what race you are. He's the best mayor we've had as far as race relations.

WE ARE AT WAR. I work at Eisenhower Army Medical Center. We are receiving the soldiers who were injured in this war at our hospital. We are understaffed. We're working long hours. If any of you have time to volunteer, please come to the hospital and volunteer. We need your help. We're just so overworked and overstressed, and we really need your help.

AMERICA IS POSSIBLY doomed unless we all shape up. If the bad guys finally manage to invade our shores, they'll probably take America without a shot because all we care about here are SUVs, Atkins and low-carb everything and getting special orders of products that were discontinued three years ago. It's no wonder America is a laughingstock and they hate us. So shape up.

THIS IS A RAVE FOR the "City Ink" column. Reminds me of when Margaret Twiggs would not let any Augusta political shenanigans slip by her.

WHY NOT SIMPLY ALLOW restaurants and bars in Augusta to designate themselves "smoking" or "non-smoking," require them to post their designation outside, and let customers make their own decision?


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