Originally created 09/10/04

Perilous overpass is an easy fix

I read with interest Dena Levitz's Sept. 4 article on the Olive Road overpass situation, "Crashes plague overpass."

You don't need to be a traffic engineer to notice that when approaching the 10-foot, 5-inch overpass, there are signs strung nearly 30 feet above the road. Why not lower them to, say, 12 feet, where the sign would be hit first, thus giving the driver a last warning? The cost: two guys and a ladder.

I have another concern. Have you ever noticed that when exiting Interstate 20 East onto the relatively new Wheeler Road exit, the crash barrier is on the inside of the turn? If someone were to take that exit and go off the edge, the lawyers in the case would only need to take one picture.

Mike Schortinghuis



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