Originally created 09/10/04

Let's grow Augusta the intelligent way

I agree with Walter Burchfield's letter ("Leaders are height of incompetence," Sept. 4). How much more evidence do Augusta residents need before we see that our system of local government does not serve our best interests.?

Vote against SPLOST, vote out our commissioners and demand a new form of city government. Our "leaders" are a joke. Jay Leno would have a field day with our commissioners and their self-serving antics.

We need facilities that provide culture and entertainment, and we need to attract tourists and industry. But we need to look at the progressive and successful trends in other cities, such as attracting retirees, and downtown revitalization, including the surrounding historical homes.

We need to listen to some people's visions for our city. Upscale housing in Olde Towne, or an upscale retirement home on the river, with a promise to restore the train depot to shops - these are only two things that would bring more people to downtown without costing tax dollars.

This would generate more business for restaurants and shops, and create a need for a grocery store and a pharmacy. More business and more people equal more tax dollars. Fewer people and less business equal less need for any of the "projects" commissioners are fighting over. Give us a reason to stay. I, for one, do not wish to pay higher taxes to support a potential ghost town.

Augusta needs to wake up before it is too late. One only needs to go across the bridge to see what vision and progress can do. North Augusta's streetscape and downtown revitalization are years ahead of Augusta. Columbia County is fast attracting stores and restaurants.

To paraphrase a remark about Savannah during a garbage strike: Augusta looks like "a pretty lady with a dirty face."

Carol Ayer,


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