Originally created 09/09/04

An update on Ken Jennings' 'Jeopardy!' streak

Ken Jennings, the software engineer from Salt Lake City, has shattered records on the TV game show "Jeopardy!" His record-breaking run began June 2, with a six-week hiatus for summer reruns.

Consecutive shows as winner: 40.

Money won Tuesday: $21,800.

Money won so far: $1,353,461.

Perspective: At the start of its 20th season last fall, "Jeopardy!" changed its longtime rule that said a champion must leave after five straight wins. Now a player stays until losing.

Goal: Jennings said one of his heroes is baseball star Cal Ripken Jr., who owns the record for 2,632 consecutive games played. Jennings said he'd like to emulate him on "Jeopardy!"

Competition: Jennings actually had a competitive game. Both of his competitors bet everything on a daily double, and doubled their winnings. Jennings even trailed at the halfway point.

Quote: "A close game for awhile, but you pulled well ahead in the latter stages of double jeopardy." - host Alex Trebek.

Final Jeopardy: "A controversial 1979 war film was based on a 1902 work by this author." Answer: Joseph Conrad. Jennings incorrectly guessed "Heller."


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