Originally created 09/09/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

WE SHOULDN'T USE public funds to subsidize "special" schools for those who can't move out or pay for private schools. Our children would be better served if we followed Columbia County's model and provided magnet-school quality in all our schools without the rigged selectivity.

A SHORT STORY in support of smokers: The corpse of an elderly 90-year-old gentleman was respectfully displayed at his church for relatives and friends to view his final display of "Rest-In-Peace." As his widow passed by his coffin she humbly said: "I knew those cigarettes would kill him." Air pollution, canned preservatives, artificial flavoring, cigarette smoke, ozone depletion, who knows? Since our present ban is on cigarettes, can I carry my pipe to my favorite restaurant?

IT'S REMARKABLE THAT the current Vietnam debate centers on Mr. Kerry's record. Even if Mr. Bush faithfully fulfilled his National Guard service, he undeniably took steps to avoid the duty for which Mr. Kerry volunteered. Likewise, Vice President Cheney availed himself of five draft deferments.

MAYBE THOSE OF US who cannot vote for the Democratic platform because of our Christian faith simply believe God should be included in every part of our lives, unlike the secular lukewarm Democrats who run the party.

I AM FURIOUS THAT someone actually criticized The Augusta Chronicle for the article on the false 911 call. No, it was not a harmless prank. Such calls are illegal. And so are that kind of call to the fire department and the police. What kind of people do this?

THIS IS A HUGE RAVE to the bus driver on Bus 17 who runs a route on Barton Chapel Road. She watched two children as they got off her bus and when she realized no one was home to let them in, she let them back on the bus, kept them until the end of her route and brought them back again. I thought this was very good of her. She went beyond her call of duty.

IN AUGUSTA, YOU GET as much justice as you can buy. If you are a judge's son, you can commit terrorist acts and get to write an essay and community service. What a hoot. If we all had judges for fathers, we could get by with a whole bunch of stuff. It's not what you know; it's who you know and who you are.

THIS IS TO THE SMOKER who lives in Richmond County. It's not about you smoking. You can smoke yourself to the grave. It's about your secondhand smoke that puts our families at risk of going to that same grave not by their choice.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to smoke. But you don't have the right to pollute the air we have to inhale in public places. You can smoke to your heart's content in your house and give yourself cancer of the lungs, but we don't want no part of it. Keep on puffing in your own house.

THIS IS CONCERNING the rant in Sunday's paper about hoodlums, the parent was referring to young black kids. I don't see where it says anything about young black kids. It says hoodlums. But if the shoe fits, wear it.


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