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Fort profile

Name: Tony Hughes

Residence: Winfield community, Columbia County

Family: Wife, Gail Hughes

Occupation: "I receive medical supplies and equipment for the hospital and process the supply receipts for the operating room, special patient orders and medical supplies stocked in the warehouse, and contact departments when orders are ready for pickup."

Nominator's comments: "Mr. Hughes is a materiel handler in the MDS Warehouse at Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center. As the senior warehouseman, he is responsible for in-processing the majority of supplies and equipment used by the hospital on a daily basis. He consistently provides outstanding support to the staff and patients of the hospital through his precise and methodical approach to the daily inventorying, processing and storage of a huge volume of medical supplies and equipment. Most noteworthy is Mr. Hughes' knowledge, expertise and application of automatic data processing procedures and transactions, which have helped to streamline the receiving process for the hospital."

How long at Fort Gordon? Mr. Hughes served in the Marine Corps from 1972 to 1976l. He began working at Fort Gordon in February 1976.

What is noteworthy about your position? "I have had a great opportunity to learn a lot about the cost of medical supplies, hospitals, the supply system, computers and, most of all, about people."

What do you want to accomplish while working with the military? "I want to continue to learn new skills and capabilities that could lead to a ... higher grade. To learn more about people and about myself from the challenges that present themselves."

- By Willie Malpass


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