Originally created 09/02/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

TO THE KIDS WHO don't want curfews: What do the parents of these kids who allow their children to be out after midnight think they do? Just because their kids tell them they are doing nothing wrong makes it true? There is an abundance of drugs, alcohol and sex happening at these "hot spots" on Washington Road. Kids who do not obey the curfew and parents who allow their children to be out after curfew should get citations and, depending on the children's age, should be charged with neglect.

A RANT FOR ZELL MILLER. He makes Benedict Arnold look like a choirboy.

I THOUGHT WHEN Betty Beard got on the commission, she would be a breath of fresh air for fairness and progress. But she just wants to promote her personal agenda and no progress is being made.

THIS STUDENT AT Spirit Creek didn't get detention for wearing a patriotic T-shirt. He got detention because he broke the dress code. It wouldn't make a difference if he was wearing a swastika or the beloved rebel flag on his shirt.

I HAVE AN ANSWER FOR the problems Friendship Baptist Church is having about their property and Pastor Marion Williams. Why doesn't he take his 35 members and join another church? Donate the money from this church to the Laney stadium.

MAYOR PRO TEM Willie Mays is sabotaging the SPLOST efforts of this city. He intends to run for mayor in 2006, and he thinks by sabotaging SPLOST this will enhance his chances. But at this rate and displaying this lack of leadership, who will vote for him?

THIS IS FOR the Columbia County deputies who I know are putting their life on the line when they go to a domestic call and there are shots fired. When you go to shooting back, why must you shoot to kill? Why can't you shoot to cause a person pain? That, to me, is absolutely absurd, that police must use deadly force against a frail woman like my neighbor who was shot. She probably weighed less than 120 pounds. She's really dangerous.


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