Originally created 08/25/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

I'VE BEEN HEARING a lot of stuff about the law enforcement center, all the leaks and problems and stuff they've been having. If they would put a quarter of the money they get on their fines instead of somebody pocketing it and probation money, I think they'd be able to build five new law enforcement centers. Maybe 10.

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why the Board of Education hires schoolteachers who have taken 10-12 years to earn a bachelor's degree. Please explain that to me.

I HAVE A RANT about President Bush. I don't know how anyone could continue to think he's a good president after all that has happened in these United States. If they vote for him again, I'm afraid we will be one lost nation. I believe the Democrats should win this time.

YOU WANT TO KNOW what sane, caring, intelligent person would begrudge free lunch for schoolchildren? Me. If you want children, pay for them yourself.

IT IS GOOD there are free meals at school. It gives some children an opportunity to have a good meal. Many do not get one at home.

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the person worried about their tax money going to pay for free lunches for children. They need to understand that this is somewhat the only hot meal that some children are able to get. They should not have to worry about begrudging these children food.

UNFORTUNATELY, I LEFT my car keys in the door lock of my car while it was parked at the Home Depot today (Sunday). This is a big rave for the lady who had the kindness to remove the keys and bring them to the service desk at the Home Depot. Thank you very much for this kind act. It was appreciated.

A RANT TO THE PERSON complaining about Mr. Whitehead's political signs. He is still running and has an opponent. That is why the signs are still up. We will vote for him in November. Get current.

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the individual that claimed that Daniel Rahn is not affiliated at all with MCG Health Inc. Yes, Dr. Rahn is the president of the Medical College of Georgia. However, he is also a sitting board member of MCG Health Inc. due to his position as president. The privatization of MCG Hospital and Clinics and the appointment of Dr. Rahn came about around the same time. This is because Dr. Rahn was an outspoken proponent of the change and allied himself quickly with Don Snell, the CEO of MCG Health Inc. So people, don't fool yourselves, MCG is in bed with MCGHI. And like the old saying goes, "When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas."

THIS IS FOR THE MORON who put the rant in the paper about Jim Whitehead not taking down his signs. Jim Whitehead's campaign is not over until November, so he's not supposed to take down his signs.

IT'S A SHAME when your tax dollars are paid to a state agency that's biased. Speaking of the Department of Human Resources.


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