Originally created 08/24/04

SAT guide offers humorous, practical help with taking test

SAT guides are rarely entertaining, but a new guide from Workman Publishing Group almost makes preparing for the dreaded test fun.

Up Your Score: The Underground Guide to the SAT combines teen-friendly wit with tips, practice questions and study techniques necessary to do well on the test.

Not afraid to poke fun at the SAT - the first test is scheduled for Oct. 9, and the new SAT, which includes a math section covering Algebra II and an essay, is in March - the book is a lighthearted study aid with some good strategies.

The guide's strength is that it is both fun to read and informative.

The vocabulary lists include humor with the definitions, the math problems turn into mini lessons and even the chapter introductions include words that are commonly seen in the verbal section and phrases that adults would find a bit too risque to see in print.

Sections cover everything from guessing and cheating (why not to do it) to clues about how to fill in an answer on the answer sheet quickly or find a dangling modifier in a sentence.

Honest, but without taking itself too seriously, Up Your Score also includes testimony from editors who aced the SAT and went on to the nation's top colleges.

Although not endorsed by the College Board, the organization that administers the SAT, the guide written for students by students has been praised in the past for its resourcefulness.

Up Your Score is available at bookstores for $10.95.

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