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Dooley has talked about leaving Athens before

What is true is what I can't help believing.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Georgia grads in my family are concerned with the latest speculation that recently retired athletics director Vince Dooley might take a job at Auburn.

I assure them that this will not happen and invite them to look at their beloved Vincent's past.

Twenty years ago, he had the whole state on edge as he weighed a decision to run for the U.S. Senate. He even went so far as to publicly proclaim his political philosophy as "basically conservative, or conservative to moderate, or moderate to conservative."

In the end he stayed.

In the mid-'70s, Mr. Dooley was said to be taking over the football program at Oklahoma University. The experts said it was a done deal. The experts, as often happens, were wrong.

To tell the truth, the closest he probably ever came to leaving Athens, where he now basks in comfortable retirement, was in the early 1980s. Auburn, his alma mater, asked him to come home to coach its football team.

This time, everyone said, he really, really was going to leave.

They were so certain, the janitors cut off the heat to his campus office. But you know what happened? He stayed.

He always stays.

I predict he'll stay this time, too.

I also predict UGA President Michael Adams will leave Athens, Ga., before Vince Dooley does.


POSTCARDS: Speaking of leaving town, Betty Whitaker sends a postcard from out West and writes: "We are on the way to Denver, then to New Mexico. There are four couples traveling together: Jeff and Judy Rockwell, Betty and Richard Whitaker, Stuart and Carol Erdrick and Everett and Margarite Fernandez. We are spending seven weeks on the road traveling, so many things to see."

Eva Claire Schwartz sends a really pretty card showing an Amish family out for a stroll. She writes: "I'm 9 years old, and I'm in Amish country with my 2-year-old sister (Her name is Isabelle). I just rode the Strasburg Railroad. This is the most beautiful land I've ever seen."

Betty and Robert Wilkins are having a grand time in Gulf Shores, Ala.

On the other side of the globe are Scott and Rachel Dines, who send a card from the south of France, where they are "introducing our children Sophie, Molly and Ryland to French cuisine and history. We've had a warm welcome everywhere we've gone."

Lonnie Colton and family send a hello from Hawaii. And Pauline and Ervin Pangborn and Herbert Lane, of Augusta, are in Kennebunkport, Maine - "Bush Country."

TODAY'S JOKE: Two little boys were closely examining bathroom scales at the department store.

"What's it for?" one asked.

The other replied, "I guess you stand on it and it makes you mad."


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