Originally created 08/20/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

AUGUSTA, WAKE UP and get your priorities together. Have you called your mom and just told her you love her? Have you hugged your spouse and children today? Have you thanked God that we are all in a country like the U.S. were we have the opportunity to complain about such mundane things like a smoking ban or increased trash prices? Stop, take a breath, and reflect on all the things that you have, and smile, tomorrow it could be gone.

IF RICHMOND COUNTY police would ticket people for boomboxes being too loud, we could lower the garbage rate to $25 a year. Start enforcing the laws we have now instead of making new ones.

THIS IS ADVICE to the "70 percent" who oppose smoking in restaurants. Why don't YOU stay at home, close all the windows, turn on the air conditioner, and turn on your air purifier? That way you won't even have to breathe in auto exhaust fumes (second-hand smoke) while going to eat. That way no one's rights will be violated!

TO THE PERSON who claims smoking interferes with their meals and Columbia and Richmond counties are moving ahead by trying to control other people's lives: Maybe that cell phone that you talk while driving and talking on it should be controlled by the same dictators.

LINDSEY GRAHAM is two-faced. He says it is OK to leave deadly sludge in tanks at SRS forever. This sludge (by law) was to be sent to Yucca Mountain. He created legislation to keep it in South Carolina for eternity. It will eventually poison the Savannah River. Now he says Kerry is wrong on Yucca Mountain. If Graham doesn't want to send the sludge to Yucca Mountain, why do we need to open it?

A RANT FOR the new McDonald's on Furys Ferry Road. I have been through the drive-through window five times. Five wrong orders and very rude employees.

I WISH OUR OWN politicos would be much less forthcoming about their private-life shenanigans. For example, wouldn't we all be happier today if the governor of New Jersey had just remembered his own state's motto: You have the right to remain silent.

AUGUSTA HAS LOST its only sports talk radio, which used to be WBBQ-am 1340 "sportstalk". It has been replaced with WSGF, which plays gospel music. Does anyone know why this occurred?

FROM WEN HO LEE to the latest missing discs, the Los Alamos National Laboratory has proven time after time it can't handle national security secrets. Why not move this work to the new SRS National Laboratory? SRS has a top security rating.

A RANT TO THE Columbia County school board for not adopting a professional dress code for administrators and faculty. I was appalled at the lack of professional attire by the principal and P.E. teacher at Riverside Elementary School.

I, FOR ONE, will not be doing my Christmas shopping at Augusta Mall until something is done about the safety of that place. I will be going to Atlanta.


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