Originally created 08/20/04

Get the facts on Charles Walker

This letter is in reply to a letter written by Andy Chandler ("Poor-choice Walker makes poor case," Aug. 16).

Mr. Chandler insinuated people of color did not have the intelligence to select elected officials. I'm sick of Caucasian folk thinking they know all the answers, and playing judge and jury by deciding guilt based on innuendo and half-truths.

Before Mr. Chandler has thrown away the key on Charles Walker, maybe he needs to learn how the judicial system works. First, in the United States of America, you are innocent until proven guilty. Mr. Walker has not been found guilty of anything.

Did it ever occur to Mr. Chandler that African-Americans may have weighed all the factors in the Walker case and decided that the so-called indictment is just not enough to keep a good man down. Maybe we know the outcome of this will be in favor of Mr. Walker, and we as informed citizens based our vote on just that fact.

Before you go out and label a group of people stupid and uniformed, maybe you should look inside to see who actually is not looking at the bigger picture. Maybe it's not people of color, but yourself. Get the facts, lay them out and weigh them. When you do, then and only then can you make an informed decision on who should get your vote. I know who is getting mine.

Doris Crutchfield


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