Originally created 08/20/04

Kerry, Edwards are merely front men

It has been said, "Progress might have been all right at one time, but it has gone on now a bit too long."

I feel the same way about this so-called election season, costing hundreds of millions of dollars, poisoning the entire "business" of politics, and threatening our position internationally.

President George W. Bush's faithful service is on record for all to see, yet the national Democratic Party has tried every subterfuge, distorted facts, lied about everything, and made statements that border on making them a domestic enemy.

Space does not allow a review of each item - false accusations and accurate refutations - so we must summarize. Why the agenda to bash Bush? The Democratic Party has nothing to offer the American people for the nation's betterment. That is because it is controlled by the extreme left wing, which has devalued our culture for the past 40 years.

John Kerry and John Edwards are just the left's front men who are trying to make something palatable that is basically distasteful. They may not believe it, either, but no one is telling the truth, so it's hard to tell.

If elected - God forbid - Kerry-Edwards won't be running the show, even though they promise to become magicians.

U.S. Sen. Zell Miller, D-Ga., recently explained why he no longer supports the Democratic Party - a position most of us in this area have taken over the past 40 years or so. The party is an umbrella for many disparate self-interest groups that vote for the promises made to its group, and may not like the far-left agenda that comes free because they just voted to move our culture closer to the abyss.

This is a very serious situation, and all of us must seek a higher road for our preservation.

Albert Kitchen Jr.


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