Originally created 08/20/04

School dress code is grossly unfair

I am a junior at Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School. I'm writing you with my concerns, similar to those of a majority of the student body at Davidson, about the dress code rules that are being enforced at our school.

I understand that all of the schools in Richmond County are different and each school has varying problems with their students and discipline, but we have all come to find that some of the rules that are being strictly enforced are, in short, an incredible waste of time. Also, though we have little right to ask this, the school board has done very little to publicly justify some of the rules they are so strongly enforcing.

For one, the rule on tucking in all shirts is a little extreme. The teachers and administration are feeling so much pressure from the board that they are giving detention to students on the second offense for not tucking in shirts. It's gone way too far, and I feel that it's going to eventually take away from the learning environment school is supposed to provide us.

Yes, I understand that rules are a necessary part of school, but I also feel that the administration and faculty should have a certain amount of control over the rules that we follow at our school, and that the student body needs more say in the rules that define what we can and cannot wear every day. It's an unfair system and I believe it needs to be changed.

I'm not sure if going to the board meetings would do anything to effectively show the board that the students are not happy with what's been happening lately, but if so, I would like to know if and when I am able to attend those meetings.

Chelsea Smith



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