Originally created 08/20/04

Change how we select president

I think we as a people have some serious flaws in how we elect our president.

First of all, we don't have any set standards or job requirements to qualify anyone for the position, like our doctors, lawyers, police officers, firefighters, nurses, etc. All you need is money and simple-minded supporters who will blindly follow their party.

It is appalling, to say the least, to know that those who get elected to our highest office don't need leadership expertise. There are no psychological evaluations, either, which also is disturbing when you think that these people have control over our lives, as well as our nuclear weapons.

Our president is simply elected at face value, which makes me think that we as a people are not only naive, but are playing Russian roulette with our country, which brings me to Mr. Anti-War, John Kerry.

Kerry never governed anything. He wasn't a military general, mayor of a large city, governor of a state or CEO of a company. He was a conflicted veteran, a prosecutor and part-time senator who will call upon his fanatical cohorts to govern our country. I envision Jane Fonda as secretary of Defense and Whoopi Goldberg as secretary of State.

In my opinion, I think that we deserve better representation than what has been advertised. This can be accomplished only with formal guidelines for the presidency.

Gregory J. Topliff
Aiken, S.C.


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