Originally created 08/19/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RAVE for John and Paul at Wal-Mart on Bobby Jones Expressway. Someone was trying to break into my house, and John and Paul were so helpful in helping me find things to secure my home. I want to send a big rave to John and Paul at Bobby Jones Wal-Mart.

I RECENTLY READ in The Chronicle that Sen. Don Cheeks is going to propose donating some land to have a James Brown museum built. Must be election time again. Sen. Cheeks, don't you think we know better than that?

SOMETHING NEEDS to be done about the gangs roaming the streets of Forest Acres subdivision and Minnick Park at all hours of the night on foot and on bicycles and breaking into people's houses and property and littering the streets.

THIS IS A SERIOUS problem. There needs to be a curfew on Minnick Park off Kissingbower Road, as well as on people riding up and down the street on bicycles and motorcycles and breaking in and trespassing and everything you can think of in the Forest Acres subdivision as well as littering. Something needs to be done about this situation. It has become very serious. There has been a rash of robberies and break-ins in the neighborhood, all attributed to the fact that people are roaming the street and the park at night. Something needs to be done.

I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW, why is it you have to dodge the trash cans sitting off the curb up in the Harrisburg area on Watkins and Eve streets? I've never seen another neighborhood with trash cans just sitting off the curb. It's very dangerous.

I'D LIKE TO KNOW who I should call about the trash cans sitting in the streets and on the sidewalks and on the curbs in the Harrisburg area, especially in the 1900 block of Watkins Street and Eve Street.

I HAVE A SUGGESTION for the gentleman who was treated so badly at the south Augusta DMV. Please, sir, go to the Columbia County DMV. No one who knows anything about south Augusta would ever think about going to the south Augusta DMV. Look at where it's located - right next to YDC. Come on out to Columbia County where you'll be treated with the dignity and respect you deserve.

WHAT IS WRONG with our country? I live in South Carolina. I went to take my son to the doctor and was driving on River Watch Parkway. I saw a Vietnam veteran in a wheelchair asking for food because his pension check had not come in on time. Now the Senior Citizens Council is closing down and people are making a big fuss over school breakfast. What is this country coming to? We need someone in office who will take care of home before foreign countries.

I THINK THE GARBAGE pickup is wonderful. However, there are some people burning trash in the back yard despite the fact that this is very bad for people who have troubles with asthma or other conditions. Further, I think it would be right and justified to let the people vote on this instead of just putting it on the owners.


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