Originally created 08/19/04

We must rise above racial issues

I would like to respond to what Bill Cosby stated last month about problems in the black community.

This has been a difficult hot potato for all races, especially blacks and whites, to swallow. But what he shared is the truth, and if the truth hurts, we needed it.

Many tend to forget that God created all of us equally, and gave us all brains to gain all the knowledge we could. How we use our brains is what we make of ourselves.

God especially sees no color. On Judgment Day, we will all answer for our actions. Just remember: No one can hold you back unless you let them. To the older, present and future generations: We all need to mend now. God wants us all to love one another and live in harmony. Please stop looking at the other person's skin color with judgment before slamming them.

Thank you, Mr. Cosby, for waking up a selfish country. Maybe what you said took root, and others will learn from it. ...

Tina Cloer

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