Originally created 08/15/04

Across South Carolina

Opponents ask state to stop development

CAESARS HEAD - Residents, hikers and environmentalists want the state to step in and stop the building of five proposed homes in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness.

Greenville resident Tom Marchant, Columbia attorney Mark Taylor and Greenville developer Ansel King purchased 34.6 acres in February from Media General for $600,000, according to Greenville County property records.

The developers have asked Caesars Head State Park to relocate two hiking trails to accommodate construction.

Edwards hasn't been to S.C. since primary

COLUMBIA - North Carolina Sen. John Edwards might be the favorite son of South Carolina Democrats. But Mr. Edwards, who was born in Seneca and won the state's presidential primary this year, has been everywhere but South Carolina since becoming the running mate of Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry.

Even with his mill-town roots in a presidential contest that continues to talk about exported U.S. jobs, the Democratic presidential campaign hasn't used Mr. Edwards as a magnet for Southern votes - the role many expected.

Woman gets prison term for fatal crash

COLUMBIA - Gina Lee Beatty, who left the scene of a fatal crash and later got her hair done and went grocery shopping, was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Ms. Beatty had pleaded guilty to several charges, including felony DUI involving death, in connection with the crash that killed 18-year-old William L. Evans, of Lexington, more than two years ago, prosecutor Dayton Riddle said. Authorities said Ms. Beatty had sideswiped Mr. Evans' pickup, sending the truck into a minivan where four others were injured.

Survey lauds dating scene in Charleston

CHARLESTON - Here's another good thing about Charleston - its dating scene.

A study has ranked the historic city with the sixth best singles scene in the country. It was conducted by Sperlings' BestPlaces and AXE Deodorant Bodyspray and looked at 80 cities to find the best and worst for dating.

Questioners considered variables such as percentage of singles between 18 and 24 and number of places to go on a date.


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