Originally created 08/15/04

Postcard from Massachusetts completes our project

"By the time we've made it, we've had it."

- Malcolm Forbes

Congratulations! For the 10th consecutive year we've completed our summer vacation project by getting a postcard from all 50 states.

The last two holdouts were New Mexico and Massachusetts.

Victor Navarro completed our mission in the Southwest, writing: "Here's your missing card. Driving 162 miles from El Paso to Carlsbad is boring. Weather is like Augusta - thunderstorms and more thunderstorms."

Then four cards came in from Massachusetts. The Harris family, of North Augusta, got one in first with a card showing Old Ironsides, the historic ship in the Boston Navy Yard.

Charlene Goodman and Tammye Earhart sent greetings "to all our friends in Aiken. Having fun in Boston, especially since all the Democrats have gone home!"

Doris Charnock sent one from her travels of Boston, Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod, which all had "perfect weather."

And Dick and Joan Irwin, of Aiken, also enjoyed the "beautiful scenery" around Cape Cod.

Thanks to you all. Now let's see who else is traveling.

Eunice Mae Webb is touring Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Camden and Cherry Hill, N.J.

Gaylord and Shirley Hunt are in Pennsylvania's Amish Country for a birthday and a military awards ceremony.

Matt Miklas sent a postcard from St. Thomas-Virgin Islands, and wrote: "We have found paradise." He also sent a card from Miami.

Four moms, Cindy, Elisabeth, Liz and Norma; and four sons, Alex, Tyler, Michael and Taylor; are having a great time at Sunset Beach, N.C. Lou and Dot Nava sent a card from Kansas while on their way to a family reunion in Colorado.

Andrew Wicklum had a great time in Dillsboro, N.C., with his mom and dad, Amanda and Terry Wicklum, and his grandparents, Jane and Andy Edmunds.

Campbell, Devan and Madison are having fun at the FSU Flying Circus at west Georgia's Callaway Gardens.

Evelyn Case, of Martinez, sent a vintage postcard showing the Empire State Building.

Mike and Janille Taylor, of Grovetown, sent a card from Iowa, "on the tail end of a 6,000-mile trip to Yellowstone and the Black Hills."

Having a great time in Alaska are Lil, Hazel, Al and Willa, and Polly and James.

Fred, Barbara, Artie, Erica, Brittany and Victoria are in Maine. The Sullivans (Mattie, Stella, Margie and Terri) are having a wonderful time in Biloxi, Miss. Veronica O'Connor, of Augusta, is visiting relatives and friends in Seattle.

Gene and Beverly Norris sent a hello postcard from Doylestown, Pa., where they are "taking care of grandchildren while the parents go to China to adopt a baby girl."

And finally, the Hutchens (Larry, Susan, Jason and Jarrett) send a postcard from the Great Smoky Mountains, where they are camping. "Weather is great; tubing is fine."

So were your summer travels.

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