Originally created 08/15/04

Web can speed job search

The arenas of job searching and recruiting have taken massive steps onto the Internet in recent years, but many people looking for work may feel more comfortable using traditional methods. However, companies are looking online for speed and to save recruitment costs, meaning that a growing number of positions will be won through online forums.

Greg Cardenas, a recruiter for the multinational pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca PLC, has a few tips for an online job hunt:

  • Use multiple Web sites. Putting your rsum at a single spot such as Monster or HotJobs is a sure way to limit the number of people who may see it. Also, research the numerous industry-specific posting sites for your field, such as one finds in human resources, journalism or medical administration.
  • E-mail that rsum. When-ever you have the chance to post it, also see if there is someplace you can mail it. This also broadens your potential recruiting audience.
  • Hunt daily. Keep a close watch on the sites for new position postings, and get your name in quickly. Mr. Cardenas said he has seen 1,000 applications in a single week for one job.
  • Re-enter your rsum, if necessary. Some companies, and sites, require a different format and you may need to input the information to fit that site's structure.
  • Use "job agents" when possible. These help you automate your job search, zapping you e-mails about new posts, or sending messages to your mobile phone so that you can respond quickly.

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