Originally created 07/18/04

Moretz believes in miracles

Charles Walker's indictments; an Augusta Commission split along racial lines; an ineffective, politically hand-tied mayor; a city administrator who left town for greener pastures in Kansas - and now, Dorothy, all you have to do is tap your heels together three times and repeat, "There's no place like home."

She can't be talking about Augusta, Ga., where nothing gets accomplished politically, where city administrators happily flee and local politicians smile as they're Mirandized, indicted and still run campaigns utilizing city workers.

Believe in miracles? My friend does. David Moretz still believes in miracles and has ever since he and his wife, Julie, stood by their youngest son's bed as he fought for his life due to a heart disease. Following many surgeries and a successful heart transplant, Daniel is living proof miracles exist.

Want to hear another miracle? David believes he can make a difference in Augusta politics. I don't really believe in miracles concerning Augusta politics, but I do believe in David Moretz.

As a longtime resident of Augusta, I want what is best for this city. It is disheartening to see the lines of divisiveness that our current city commission has drawn. We need to look close and hard at this election because our future depends on it.

I have weighed the options and have chosen to vote for David Moretz because I believe he will stand up and speak out for all Augustans and not be beholden to any one group.

I know David to be fair and honest and strongly urge District 3 residents to vote for him Tuesday. He will provide strong leadership and a strong voice. This will be a step forward for Augusta and maybe one day when we hear, "There's no place like home," it will be referring to a "politically correct" Augusta.

Dr. J.S. Hickey


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