Originally created 07/18/04

Appreciates tone of Jim Whitehead campaign

I wish to express my appreciation for the positive campaign conducted by Jim Whitehead, versus the smear campaign run by his opponent Joey Brush. The sign of a "can't run on the issues campaign" is to try to smear your opponent. This is the normal tactic employed by Democrats, not Republicans.

The key issues in this election are holding down taxes, past performance and doing something that makes sense in the legislative arena. Based on past performance Brush is an embarrassment to the district through his mindless legislative efforts dealing with motorcycle helmets and sparklers. This reflects directly on one's intellect and priorities.

Beyond the obvious, I can only reflect on my experience with Jim Whitehead when he was chairman of the Columbia County Commission. His holding the line on taxes, his beyond question honesty and standing by his word was never in question. The county grew beyond belief during his tenure on the commission and he was always there to insure no new taxes plus insure the county growth plan reflected the wishes of the majority of Columbia County residents.

I have known Jim Whitehead for 27 years, live in the district he represented for years, and have seen his concern for the people in his district manifest itself in action, not words.

It is time for a change and I highly recommend we elect Jim Whitehead as our next 24th District state senator, a truly "Can Do " person.

Sgt. Maj. Floyd E. Felts (retired)


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