Originally created 07/18/04

Sen. Brush works hard for the entire region

I have worked campaigns from Board of Education to U.S. Senate races, and have worked with hard-working candidates and with not-so-hard working candidates. State Sen. Joey Brush stands among the best I have ever seen. He is always ready to help those in need. I have watched him as a freshman senator with no seniority grow to be the senator the governor can count on to get things done. This does not happen overnight. It would take 10 years for someone to get to the position where they could help the people of Columbia County and surrounding counties.

We cannot afford to wait that long; District 24 has paid its dues, and deserves the best: Joey Brush.

The crowning jewel is the technical school that Sen. Brush has worked so hard for and which will benefit not just Columbia County, but the surrounding counties as well. I have never seen anyone who has worked so hard for the people he serves as Joey Brush. Every time I have called him he has been there to listen and offer his help. Once again, like "the Babe" pointing to the stands letting everyone know, this one's going out of the park. Joey pointed to what the people wanted and hit one out of the park again, by bringing the tech school to the area.

Please vote for Joey Brush, and keep our district competitive for years to come.

Rob Blandenburg


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