Originally created 07/18/04

Herman Cain will be a great U.S. senator

Regarding Michael Ryan's June 20 column, '"Ground' (Johnny) Isakson and 'Air' (Herman) Cain": Mr. Ryan's argument for Georgia's U.S. Senate race seems to come down to this: Support Mr. Isakson and endorse the status quo or support Mr. Cain and endorse making a difference.

Most of what President Bush requests makes it through the GOP-controlled House only to be forever banished in the U.S. Senate. What that body needs is not another "statesman" willing to compromise away core Republican principles to tenacious and persistent Democrats. Rather, the U.S. Senate needs about five Herman Cains willing to take on the status quo, revolutionize the tax structure and make a real difference for the American people.

Mr. Ryan writes he was most disappointed in "Cain's failure .. to prescribe sacrifices for the American people." The fact is, those who achieve in America today are making great sacrifices - to the tune of 50 percent of their incomes. Increasingly and alarmingly, fewer and fewer taxpayers finance this government as both political parties reduce the tax rolls on the less productive and increase the burden on those who do produce.

This is why abolishing the income tax and implementing a national sales tax is imperative. All people, rich and poor, ought to contribute to the government and have a vested interest in our republic. I believe this. Mr. Cain also believes it - and, unlike Mr. Isakson, he will persist until it is implemented.

Mr. Cain is the one candidate in the Senate race who is proposing that difficult choices be debated and made on Capitol Hill: Revamp the tax code, privatize Social Security, reduce the size and scope of the federal government, curb the government's appetite for the U.S. economy.

Twenty-four years ago Americans went to the polls to elect a man who believed that the nation's finest moments lay ahead of her; that government was not the solution, but the problem; that a 70 percent top end tax rate could be cut to 28 percent, and that communism could be dumped on "the ash heap of history." Most did not know what Ronald Reagan already knew.

Much like that vote 24 years ago, Georgians have a chance to cast their vote for a believer and achiever. Herman Cain is both. He is an accomplished businessman and decision-maker. He will be an asset and a leader for positive change in the U.S. Senate.

Hugh Barrow


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