Originally created 07/18/04

Cain more than able

You've probably wished upon a star.

But have you ever wished upon a superstar?

You have that chance now. You have a chance in the Republican primary on Tuesday to vote for Herman Cain, a dynamic rising star on the national stage, for U.S. senator from Georgia.

Cain has all the makings of the kind of candidate you've always wished for: someone you can get excited about; someone you just know is unafraid to fight your battles for you; someone who knows what it takes to make a payroll - and that our political leaders' actions can have either devastating or liberating effects on businesses and jobs.

And, as an outspoken black conservative who is nothing short of exceptional, Cain is liable to turn conventional thinking on its ear in Washington.

We're telling you, this guy is a superstar in the making.

His opponents in the GOP primary are good, solid Republicans - and experienced politicians. But the latter can be good or bad.

This is no time to play it safe. We believe it's time to shake things up a bit in Washington. Herman Cain is undoubtedly the man for the job.

He's one of the few (but growing) candidates in the nation who are serious about scrapping the monstrous and onerous income tax in favor of a national sales tax - a move that would blow the lid off American ambition and productivity, and would be the worker's emancipation proclamation.

Further, Mr. Cain will help see to it that we appoint federal judges who don't legislate from the bench - and will do his best to protect human life at every turn.

And while President Clinton was talking the talk of "It's the economy, stupid," Herman Cain was walking the walk. A self-made businessman who graduated from Morehouse College, who later earned a master's at Purdue University while a mathematician for the Department of the Navy, Mr. Cain cut an incredibly wide swath through the business world. After working as a business analyst for Coca-Cola, he joined Pillsbury and within three years was a vice president. He slipped over to the company's Burger King division - and within months - months! - he was managing 400 of the restaurants. He took the company's worst-performing region to No. 1.

Even so, they needed to give him some elbow room. He was just getting started.

In 1986, he took over Godfather's Pizza Inc. By 1988, he had turned around the foundering franchise and led a buyout of it from Pillsbury.

He has been chairman of the huge National Restaurant Association and has served on the Economic Growth and Tax Reform Commission, and on the 1996 Dole/Kemp presidential campaign as a senior adviser. He is a powerful motivational speaker, author of three books and inspiration to anyone he meets.

And you know what? Even now, he may only be getting started. Herman Cain has the potential to be anything he wants - and right now, he wants to become one of our leaders in Washington.

Despite being outspent and coming in largely unknown in politics, Herman Cain has become a phenomenon in Georgia during this campaign. There is a buzz out there about his insurgent candidacy. Why? Because he's the kind of candidate you've always wished for - someone whose light is so bright it will melt away your cynicism.

That's the stuff of a superstar.

Vote for Herman Cain on Tuesday. Give him a chance to do for Georgia and the nation what he's already done in the world of business.


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