Originally created 06/27/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

I'D LIKE TO KNOW why Fort Gordon's Gate 2 is closed when they say there's not enough manpower to man the gates but at every gate that is open, you have extra people working.

THIS IS TO THE SELFISH, self-centered individual who states if he can afford a $50,000 SUV he can afford the price of gasoline. His attitude and overconsumption make it difficult for others to afford gasoline. Shame on him.

I HAVE A RAVE to all the big shots. White people have been doing this for years. You need to get up off Charles Walker and Dr. Charles Larke.

I HAVE A RANT against The Austin Rhodes Show. Anyone Austin Rhodes is hammering against, the people in Columbia County would vote for because he doesn't know what he's talking about.

THIS IS JUST a little bit of a rave for the serial and wondering why you're bothering to run them when we can follow the Walker Group from day to day. They're entertaining enough.

THANK YOU TO THE PERSON who enjoys our sunflowers. You made our day. The Sunflower Family.

I HAVE A QUESTION regarding the flags that were to be lowered for a month in observance of President Reagan's death. The park in North Augusta - the flags have not been lowered. I think it's a disgrace for the person who's supposed to do that.

IN REFERENCE TO Charles Walker's indictment, all we have to say is: Charles, you won't be lonely. Ronnie Few, come on down.

WELL, THE INMATES are running the asylum again. If Tom Beck doesn't know what's going on in the recreation department, it all speaks for itself.

THE FISH FRY held for Charles Walker was appropriate. Everything he's involved with is fishy.

I WISH THE MEDIA would quit referring to Charles Walker as Sen. Charles Walker. He is a former senator and because of his crookedness he will stay a former senator.

IN REGARDS TO SMOKING: I am serious about smoking in the doorways of public places. When you or a loved one is diagnosed with lung cancer or other detrimental respiratory diseases, then maybe you will rethink about the adverse effects of smoking in public. I find it extremely annoying to inhale a gust of smoke before entering a building. Why don't you smoke in your homes and cars and stop polluting my clean air?

THIS IS A RANT for Fort Discovery and the National Science Center. What did Mr. Camp, the lobbyist, accomplish, or hope to accomplish, for the $250,000 he was paid for eight years? If my figure and years are correct, this comes to $31,250 each year. Is this not the same Mr. Camp indicted with Mr. Robin Williams? Is it possible Mr. Williams also had his hand in the "fort"?

THIS IS A RANT for people that leave their pets unattended while they go on vacation. They leave their pets with no food, no water, outside a fence or unchained. That is terrible. They should never do that. I think of my pet as a child and they should be cared for, too, just like a child. Please don't leave them unattended.

I'M DISGUSTED with all these people sending in "rants" about how "God will do this" and "God will do that." Why don't you get up off your lazy behinds and do something for yourself for a change instead of trying to rely on some miracle that isn't going to happen? Don't wait for God to send money your way; instead, get a job!

PLEASE, ENOUGH OF children promoting adult products.

RALPH NADER SHOULD drop out of the presidential election. It isn't fair for him to dilute the lunatic fringe votes that should so deservedly go to John Kerry.

THIS IS A THANK YOU to the couple from California who sent in the rave for me for helping them at the Columbia County Tag Office. That really meant a lot to me and I wanted to let you know. Thanks again and welcome to Georgia!

ISN'T IT STRANGE? When Clinton was in office, everything about his private life - his past, his family, his presidency and his politics - were fair game for the so-called liberal media, constantly under attack by Fox News and The Weekly Standard, and a nonstop witch hunt by Kenneth Starr. Now that "W" is in, a policy of censorship seems to be spreading like some rampant incurable disease.

RANT TO ALL YOU PET OWNERS: There is a leash law for all pets - cats and dogs alike. Fine if you want pets, but be considerate to your neighborhood for those who choose not to, and keep your animals contained in your own yards and homes. We don't want our property damaged and the mess to clean up. You claim to be animal lovers; good, take your responsibility serious.

SOMETHING AS DIVISIVE as a Black Cultural Center and Museum should be decided by the voters. I will vote against any new or extended 1-cent tax monies if projects like this are considered by Aiken County or the City of Aiken, regardless of where the money actually comes from.

THIS IS A RANT for all of you Democrats. You have an idiot for a presidential candidate. But, I guess the shoe fits.

PRESIDENT BUSH didn't lie. We did find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. One of them was named Saddam Hussein.

A BIG RAVE TO the gentleman who helped my father when his car broke down at the Wal-Mart on Deans Bridge Road. My family wants to say thank you, sir. You're living proof there are good people in the world.

THIS IS A RAVE for Don Rhodes about his new book about Augusta and CSRA entertainment. I bought a copy and it's really full of pictures and information about Augusta entertainment. I suggest that others get a copy of it.


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