Originally created 06/27/04

The summer slump

We're heading into that "Summer Slump" stage.

You know - that time after July 4 when you've had enough of the pool, it's too hot to spend much time outside, the best summer movies have already been watched, friends are out-of-town and sprinklers just don't hold the same appeal as they did a few weeks earlier. Even watermelon and popcicles just aren't quite as satisfying.

At my house I expect the "I'm boreds" to start soon. Baseball season is over for Zack, swim season is winding down. It's only going to get hotter. And I'm a mean mother who limits TV and computer time.

But a little creativity goes a long way to solving the problem. And we have a whole list of ways you and your family can survive the "summer slump."

It's that few weeks before school starts - which in my opinion is just way too early. I understand the reasoning behind the early start, but I don't want to think about notebooks, lunch money and bus schedules until mid-August at least.

Even if your kids aren't in school yet your life probably is beginning to revolve around the school calendar - which frankly is probably the most powerful calendar on earth.

Consider this: A few years ago the South Carolina Legislature actually considered requiring all school systems to wait until closer to Labor Day to begin the new term. Their reason: earlier school starts cut into the state's tourism revenue.


For one Augusta teenager there definitely won't be any slumping this summer. Just in case you've somehow managed to miss it, our own Lance Lamback is heading to Athens, Greece this fall to compete in the Paralympic Games in September.

Before that he'll be training with other Olympians and traveling with the national squad. You'll be able to follow Lance's journey with regular articles in The Augusta Chronicle.

I couldn't be more excited for Lance and his family. Lance and his brother Paul swim with Ben on the Aiken-Augusta Swim League. And his older sister Julie has been one of Ben's swim coaches since he started summer league swimming 5 years ago.

Watching Lance work so hard to overcome the obstacles he faces with cerebral palsy is heart-warming and inspiring. As parents we're so grateful if our children turn out "perfect." Seeing Lance reach for the stars and actually grab onto them has helped open my eyes to whole notion of perfect.

And while I'm glad my children don't face the same obstacles Lance faces every day, I hope they take from him the strength and determination to face their challenges and be the best they can be.

Good luck Lance! Augusta's very proud of you.


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