Originally created 06/27/04

Get the facts on stem-cell study

Surprise! Another Cook letter has emerged full of half-truths and innuendos ("Stem-cell study needed urgently," Anne Cook, June 22). As usual, her "anybody but Bush" mantra doesn't give the complete story.

Let's make something clear: President Bush refuses to support stem-cell research with federal funds - our tax dollars. He never said that private citizens such as the Cooks couldn't spend every last penny they have to support this research. You can find a printed version of his televised statement of Aug. 9, 2001 regarding stem cell research on www.whitehouse.gov. Read it to fully understand his position.

As a responsible citizen, taxpayer and voter, I sought information on stem-cell research, and have come to my own conclusions, and I encourage every voter to do the same to fully grasp why federal funding is, and should stay, out of the question.

For now, there is a policy in place called the Dickey Amendment, which has been passed by Congress every year since 1996 and signed by Presidents Clinton and Bush. This policy states that research involving the destruction of human embryos cannot be funded with taxpayer dollars. In other words, federal money would not act as an incentive for destroying human embryos. There are plenty of things my tax dollars go to that I don't particularly agree with, but destroying embryos is one thing I do not want on my soul, and I am sure many others feel the same. Leave our tax dollars out of it.

It is with great pleasure that I point out to Mrs. Cook that President Bush is not the instigator of this funding dilemma, although I am sure it will be his intellectual honesty that will keep the "federal account" closed for now.

Of course, John Kerry is for stem cell research - until tomorrow.

Brook Aiken

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