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Rants and raves

Because we receive a number of comments and questions about The Augusta Chronicle, we use Saturday's Rants & Raves column to set the record straight.

ONE OF THE GREENBRIER High baseball players said if Columbus is No. 6 in the country, Greenbrier must be No. 7. I hardly think so. Greenbrier had two one-sided losses to Columbus, so surely they are not ranked there. And second call on that, maybe now we can see some other sports in the paper, something besides Greenbrier. Greenbrier loses and gets two articles in there. Some of the other schools won matches and hardly got one mention.

Weekend Sports Editor Dan Spears responds: "No, Greenbrier is not ranked No. 7 in any national poll. It was merely a quote from a player whose team had fought hard against a team ranked in the top 10 in the country and making its fourth trip to the state championship series in five years.

"There have been plenty of other national sports in the paper, but Greenbrier advanced further than any other team in Richmond or Columbia counties. We treated it with the same amount of coverage as we would for the football semifinals at the Georgia Dome, or when Butler recently advanced to the state championship game in boys basketball, or when Richmond Academy split the state title in boys soccer."

I signed up for a three-month subscription to the Augusta Chronicle during a promotional deal to get a $20 gift card to a local store. I paid for the subscription nearly three months ago, and I have called three times to ask about the card, but have not received it. I hope the Augusta Chronicle will live up to its end of the deal, especially since they already have my money.

Circulation Manager Jeffrey L. Hartley responds: "We understand your frustration and apologize for the error. If you will contact Julie Achauer, our Sales and Marketing Manager, at 823-3322, she will correct the oversight. Once we know your name and address, we can look deeper into the situation. Thank you."

Comments from readers:

I HOPE THE PEOPLE of Augusta are not ignorant enough to believe what Mr. Charles Walker is telling them. Ed McIntyre lied to the people of Augusta, and now we have Charles Walker and Robin Williams telling the same lies. Wake up, Augusta, so we can stop being the city with ignorant people (black and white). I agree Charles Walker did some great deeds for Augusta, but he also lined his pockets and his family's. The only reason Charles Walker brought the bacon home was he was eating the hams.

I HAVE A HUGE RAVE for the God I serve. He is a God of love and forgiveness, not of hate and revenge. He has saved me, led me, taught me, protected me and made His face known to me for many years. He has never told me to cut anyone's head off.

YOU CAN NOW BE ARRESTED for remaining silent if a police officer asks for your name. Once cuffed, he must read you your Miranda rights, which state, "You have the right to remain silent..."

TO THE PERSON commenting on the "D" in D-Day. Sorry, but it stands for "day" not "disembarkment." It's a fairly well-known fact and often a question in trivia contests.

THIS IS A RANT concerning the pictures of the grieving parents of the kidnapped South Korean, Kim Sun-il, on the front page of the June 23 Chronicle, and the picture of the collapsed mother in a hospital bed. It is true, the public should know about the monstrosities of the barbarians that committed the act, but the family should be allowed to grieve in private.

I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE a rave and a "thank you" to Mr. Jeff Padgett, chairman of the Richmond County Board of Education. He took time out of his busy schedule to come and speak to a group of 15-year-old kids attending a summer program at Laney High School on Tuesday. The kids were very appreciative of his words and were amazed that someone in his position would come and talk to them about life. Most local VIPs would not have done it. Again, thank you, Mr. Padgett, for your kindness in making a difference in the life of the children of Richmond County.

THE TIMING OF THE Charles Walker indictments does not pass the smell test. Politically motivated? You can take it to the bank.

IN RESPONSE TO THE RANT about officers wanting the window tint law so they could racially profile: I was under the impression that it was for officer safety so the officer could see into the car to see if there is a gun or a criminal.

MY RANT IS CONCERNING those barbarians in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. These are evil people who don't have any rules. Let's fight them the same way. Whatever it takes to eradicate them.

THIS IS FOR THE COUNTY. You mean I can't water my grass but on certain days, and the county can water on Central Avenue 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Stop playing.

THIS IS FOR ALL THE IDIOTS out there who like to drive crazy out in the rain. Slow down, because a lot of people don't want to die with you.

MY LEGAL UNDERSTANDING is a citizen is promised a speedy trial. It won't be long before Kobe Bryant is on TV longer than the soaps. What gives?

LET'S SET THE RECORD straight. President Clinton lied about sex. Shame on him. George Bush has lied about weapons of mass destruction, costing the lives of hundreds and hundreds of our soldiers. He's lied about al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein's ties, and recently he lied about terrorism going down in the world when it is actually going up. Which administration is morally bankrupt? I'll leave it up to you to decide.

I WOULD LIKE TO RANT about the articles in the paper about the Board of Education. The reason why they can't keep any bus drivers is because - I am an old driver and I know - they run a lot of them away by harassing them and all. Marion Barnes mentioned, a while back, about drivers holding grudges. He just doesn't know what's going on. He should find out what's going on now.

ROBIN WILLIAMS IS REFERRED to as a Republican because he is one. Next you'll be claiming that Bush and Cheney are Democrats.


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