Originally created 06/26/04

Kerry dusts off his war record

It is amazing that the John Kerry campaign has brought his Vietnam War experience into the 2004 presidential race. Mr. Kerry, in fact, used a technical loophole to be transferred out of 'Nam, leaving his men behind. Mr. Kerry served in Vietnam - for four months!

He returned to begin a long-desired political career; Mr. Kerry lost a bid for a seat in the U.S. Congress. Sensing his service was not popular with voters in liberal Massachusetts, he entered the anti-war movement. Now, as he campaigns for president, he's flip-flopped again and says he's qualified to be president based on his experiences in that long-ago conflict. We are supposed to overlook that when he got home he slandered the men with whom he served - a whole generation of our country's best and brightest, unflinchingly called murderers by a self-serving 27-year-old yearning for power.

More than 200 of Mr. Kerry's fellow Swift boat veterans have signed a letter stating they do not believe he is fit to be commander in chief, based on their knowledge and service with him during Vietnam and afterward. For decades, Mr. Kerry voted against virtually every piece of legislation aimed at restoring national defense. He refused to supply our armed forces with the tools necessary to defend our nation. ... Mr. Kerry has demonstrated over and over that he is against funding our troops and intelligence, and now attempts to cover that up by posing as a war hero and calling vets who speak out against him "bitter alcoholics." According to Rear Admiral Roy Hoffman, his commander in Vietnam and a signer of the anti-Kerry letter, his campaign threatened the association's tax-exempt status if they went public.

I encourage voters to read what Mr. Kerry's fellow Navy officers have to say about him at www.swiftvets.com.

Chris Rich


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