Originally created 06/26/04

Pursue adult stem-cell research

I am writing in response to the letter from Anne Cook ("Stem-cell study needed urgently," June 22). She makes the statement: "George W. Bush ... refuses to support stem-cell research." That statement is not true.

President Bush supports adult stem-cell research because he values all life. He is ethically opposed to embryonic stem-cell research.

Stem cells can be harvested from many tissues of the body from deceased persons just as organs are preserved for donation. Research done so far on adult stem cells has been more promising in terms of positive results than results from embryonic stem cells.

President Bush has compassion for all human life, unborn and born, and so did President Reagan. If President Reagan were alive today, he would never agree with embryonic stem-cell use for research. He was a staunch defender of the unborn.

The focus needs to be on adult stem-cell research, since a human embryo does not have to be destroyed, and adult stem-cell research results have been more promising.

Ruth A. Johnson
North Augusta


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