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Guard shoots teen driving stolen vehicle

ATLANTA - A supermarket security guard shot a teenage boy in the head after seeing him in a friend's stolen car in Clayton County.

The 16-year-old boy, Court-ney Wright, was flown to Atlanta Medical Center and placed on life support.

The incident began at about 7 p.m. when Kathryn Smith, 30, got off a bus to start her shift at a grocery store and noticed the car at an auto parts store across the street, police said.

Ms. Smith confronted the teen, and when he tried to drive off, she shot him with her .38 revolver, police said.

Suspect is released in shooting death

RIVERDALE - A third suspect arrested in the death of a 4-year-old boy, who was shot during a gun battle between two groups, was released after a judge found insufficient evidence to charge him.

Jemario Chavez Clayton, 18, appeared in Clayton County Superior Court on Thursday morning for a probable cause hearing, in which Magistrate Judge Gloria Reed dismissed all charges against him.

Mr. Clayton was the third person arrested in the death of Trevon Wilson, whose grandmother had taken him to Riverdale Park to ride his bicycle June 6.

Columbus man says teens burned home

COLUMBUS - A Columbus man whose home was burned by a fire bomb this week believes he was the target of a group of rowdy teens.

Alrich Bowman's home was torched early Tuesday when someone tossed the incendiary device into his living room.

Mr. Bowman, 44, had called police before to complain about teens vandalizing his home and harassing him.

Kidnapped toddler is found at gas station

COLUMBUS - A 2-year-old boy who was kidnapped during a carjacking was found safe outside a gas station, police said Thursday.

The child's return follows a Wednesday night ransom demand made to his family, a law enforcement source said on condition of anonymity. The kidnappers wanted $100,000, the source said.

Tellious Brown was with his mother when two men approached them as they got out of a Buick. The men pointed a gun at the mother, Lakendra Trice, police said.


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