Originally created 06/18/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

TO THE PERSON that's wondering where he should be allowed to smoke cigarettes: Tell him to go to the cemetery and smoke them. That's where smokers usually wind up anyway.

THIS IS FOR the cell phone users (mostly young women) that drive in the left lane (supposedly the fast lane), get on their little cell phone and go 30 mph in a 55 zone, oblivious to everything else, especially driving. And they are usually driving a large SUV. They need a citation and a fine.

JUNE 14 WAS FLAG DAY, and it was not mentioned in the paper. June 14 was also my wedding anniversary, and I've been married for 63 years, and they didn't mention that either.

I AM SOMEONE who has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. I've spent a lot of hours working for them, and they are a wonderful organization. Instead of people always expecting to get something for free they should go out, volunteer and offer to do something for others. Habitat for Humanity builds new homes. They do not reconstruct homes that people haven't taken care of. I am so tired of everybody expecting something for nothing. People need to get a job and quit trying to take advantage of the taxpayers and the people who do work.

RAVES TO THE postmaster of Harlem. He is very nice and polite when doing transactions. We welcome him to Harlem, and I know he is going to do well. He deserves a pat on the back.

I WOULD LIKE TO SAY goodbye to George Kolb. God bless you, and I know the people in Kansas will be more intelligent than the ones you had to deal with here.

RAVES FOR JUSTICE. Mr. Robin Williams and Mr. Duncan Fordham and their associates should all receive prison time. They should not receive just a fine because enough money has been taken to pay most any fine plus more. If the judge doesn't give them time, the judge should be sent to prison for not doing his job. He would be just as guilty as them.


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