Originally created 06/17/04

Shockey considering surgery on right foot

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Pro Bowl tight end Jeremy Shockey is considering having surgery on his right foot, a procedure that could force him to miss the opening of the New York Giants' training camp.

Shockey has gotten three medical opinions on the "hot spot" that has shown up on his bone scan. He was waiting for a fourth from a foot specialist on Wednesday.

The treatment options are to either let the foot heal with time or to insert a surgical screw, a procedure the Shockey said would be done early next week if that's the course of action.

"The dangerous thing about that is if I don't get it fixed, it probably won't occur again in training camp, it will happen in week six or seven," Shockey said of reinjuring the foot. "I don't want that to happen. I might as well get it done now."

Shockey said he injured his foot in roughly the same spot last season, and it healed itself. He said recent X-rays and bone scans have not shown a fracture, but they have indicated an area of concern.

The third-year pro didn't recall hurting his foot on any particular play in minicamp, suggesting it happened with wear and tear.

"It's telling me maybe I need a different shoe or it needs to be fixed," Shockey said. "That's probably the case, it needs to be fixed. It never was fixed."

The Giants, who are looking to rebound from a 4-12 season, will open their first training camp under Tom Coughlin in late July, roughly 5 1/2 weeks from Monday.

"I'll be ready, though," Shockey said. "I might miss a week of camp, but I'll ready for the season."


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