Originally created 06/17/04

Cowboy Mouth happily makes point to give all, put all into its live shows

Make no mistake, Cowboy Mouth members live to play live.

The New Orleans act, led by drummer/singer Fred LeBlanc, has enjoyed success writing and recording, but Mr. LeBlanc said the band is at its best in front of the footlights.

"We don't really do anything that's intentional," he said. "Except rock. We are a live thing. We believe in the power of the moment and that's something people respond to. They respond to our energy and recognize it as a very genuine thing. It's a very visceral experience."

The band, equally influenced by the zydeco sounds of Louisiana, classic rockabilly and the passion of punk, pours itself into live performance, Mr. LeBlanc said.

"I feel personally responsible for everyone who come to see us," he said. "They aren't just cattle. They are people, paying however much to see us and giving up two hours of their lives. That's a deal that's been made and I don't want to steal their money. I want to earn it."

Cowboy Mouth puts Mr. LeBlanc, the drummer, front and center, allowing him to become more than merely the band's backbeat.

"I'm the frontman as well," he said. "And a true frontman, a Mick Jagger frontman. It's something that I always knew, instinctively, I could do."

Mr. LeBlanc said allowing the drummer to take center stage is very much in keeping with the band's raucous, no-holds-barred attitude.

He said much of Cowboy Mouth's magic is derived from the idea that be it an audience of 10 or 10,000, the band will happily give all.

"We just never limit ourselves," he said. "It's always been about music and passion and life. It's a celebration, and anyone can understand that."

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