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Featured musician: Danielle Purcell

NAME: Danielle Purcell

AGE: 26

HOMETOWN: Schenectady, N.Y. Moved here in 1998 with her parents.

OCCUPATION: Math teacher at A.R. Johnson Health Science & Engineering High School

PLAYS: A singer (second soprano), but she also plays the washboard, the wood block and tambourine. "I prefer older washboards; the ridges are different-they're just better. I wear them out, though; this is probably my third or fourth." She plays the washboard with a curved pull tap wine opener. "At first I tried a wood block mallet, then a piece of wood, then a lighter. This wine opener was just sitting there one night and I grabbed it and went, 'Oh my God, this is perfect!' Because of the curves, it's just perfect for the ridges."

STARTED PLAYING: "I was trained in opera about 10 years ago, in high school and in college."

PLAYED WITH: Hellblinki Sextet, 1999 to present; Dinah, 2003-04. At the end of July, she's moving back to Schenectady, where she will join a band called Alphaquants. "That's going to be more punk rock," she said.

FIRST CONCERT SHE ATTENDED: Nine Inch Nails at Knickerbocker Arena (now Pepsi Arena), Albany, N.Y., December 1994. "I got a black eye from that show when a guy elbowed me in the pit."

BEST SHOW SHE'S EVER PLAYED: "Probably the Imperial Theatre, for the Twelve Bands of Christmas in 2002. It was the first show I thought I was this superstar diva, and it was my best musically."

IF SHE COULD PLAY WITH ANY BAND: "I think Bjrk would be pretty neat to play with. Or maybe Pineal Ventana, from Atlanta."

PRESHOW RITUAL: "None really, but if I'm sick, a shot of Southern Comfort clears it all out."

- Compiled by Patrick Verel


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