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Movies are listed with theater locations through Wednesday. Reviews without star ratings are from critics other than Roger Ebert. Listings subject to change. Call theaters for times. For an online movie guide, see augusta.com/movies.


AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (HHH, PG) Against all probability, a jolly comedy made from Jules Verne's wheezy high concept. Steve Coogan plays Phileas Fogg, who makes a bet and recruits a daring valet (Jackie Chan) to help him. The valet has a secret motive for coming along, and they're joined by the sexy Cecile De France, who apparently joins the circumnavigation just because the plot needs a girl. Just as in Michael Todd's famous 1956 film, there are lots of celebrity cameos, of which the funniest, hands down, is by Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Turkish prince who boasts he once shared his hot tub with "U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes." Augusta Exchange, Aiken and Evans

DODGEBALL: A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY (PG-13) Jocks and nerds compete in a Las Vegas dodgeball tournament in this comedy from Ben Stiller. Augusta Exchange, Big Mo and Evans

THE TERMINAL (HHH, PG-13) A sweet and delicate comedy, so precisely devised you hold your breath. Tom Hanks stars as a man whose country has ceased to exist; he has no passport or visa, cannot go forward or back, and is told by a customs official (Stanley Tucci) he can stay in an airport arrivals lounge. When it seems he plans to live there indefinitely, the customs official tries to dislodge him. Meanwhile, his life intersects with a flight attendant (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a janitor (Kumar Pallana) and many others. Augusta Exchange, Aiken and Evans


50 FIRST DATES (HHH, PG-13) A kinder and gentler Adam Sandler, playing a marine biologist in Hawaii who falls in love with a girl (Drew Barrymore) who has short-term memory loss. Augusta Village, ends today at Masters

BARBERSHOP 2 (HH, PG-13) Calvin's Barbershop is back in business, but threatened by a big chain shop across the street. Ends today at Augusta Village and Masters

BOBBY JONES: STROKE OF GENIUS (HHH, PG) Jim Caviezel stars in a respectful biopic that shows golfing great Bobby Jones as a tortured man who seems to find little joy in golf, and is often in pain. Ends today, Masters

BREAKIN' ALL THE RULES: (HHH, PG-13) A magazine writer (Jamie Foxx) is dumped by his fiancee. He quits his job and writes a best seller about how to break up with a girl before she can break up with you. Ends today, Augusta Exchange

DAWN OF THE DEAD (R) Zombies attack victims in a shopping mall. Augusta Village

ELLA ENCHANTED (HHH, PG) A real charmer of a family comedy, starring Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries) as Ella, a young beauty in a fairy-tale kingdom. Augusta Village, Masters

GARFIELD: THE MOVIE (PG) Bill Murray provides the voice for the fat cartoon cat in this mixture of animation and live action. Augusta Exchange, Evans and Aiken, begins Friday, Big Mo

HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN (HHH, PG) Harry returns to Hogwarts under a cloud: The sinister Sirius Black, who murdered his parents, has escaped from prison and may intend Harry as his next victim. Harry, Ron and Hermione (Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson) meet new faculty members (David Thewlis and Emma Thompson). Augusta Exchange, Evans and Aiken

HELLBOY (HHH, R) It's not only based on a comic book, but it also feels like a comic book, vibrating with zeal and joy. Ron Perlman plays the title character, a giant red devil with horns and a tail, who fights for mankind against the Nazi-spawned monsters of hell. Opens Friday, Augusta Village and Masters

HIDALGO (HHH, PG-13) Rousing adventure story about a man (Viggo Mortensen) and his horse. Augusta Village and Masters

JERSEY GIRL (HHH, PG-13) After he loses his wife and his job in quick succession, Ben Affleck moves back to New Jersey to live with his father (George Carlin) and his young daughter (Raquel Castro). Augusta Village

JOHNSON FAMILY VACATION (HH, PG-13) Cedric the Entertainer hits the road with his family to attend the annual family reunion, in a genial but unfocused comedy that doesn't make much use of his sharp edges. Augusta Village and Masters

MEAN GIRLS (HHH, PG-13) Lindsay Lohan is home-schooled in Africa by her parents, who are anthropologists, and so is a fish out of water when she lands in Evanston High School. Ends today at Evans

NEW YORK MINUTE (H, PG) Designed as a vehicle to edge the Olsen twins into adolescence, but without any other appreciable qualities except their tireless cheerfulness.

Mary-Kate plays a sloppy truant, and Ashley is a goody two-shoes. Eugene Levy and Andy Richter struggle with pointless and labored supporting roles, and the twins' adventures include wading through the sewers of New York and getting a makeover in a Harlem beauty shop. Opens Friday at Augusta Village and Masters

PASSION OF THE CHRIST (HHHH, R) A harrowing, graphic depiction of the suffering and death of Jesus, filmed without compromise. Masters

RAISING HELEN (HH, PG-13) Kate Hudson unexpectedly inherits her sister's two small children, loses her high-powered job at a Manhattan modeling agency, and has to move to Queens and work as a receptionist on a used-car lot. Augusta Exchange, ends today at Evans and Aiken

SAVED! (HHH, PG-13) A daring satire that takes on Christian fundamentalists and argues for a more tolerant Christianity. Mandy Moore is the leading Jesus booster at a Christian high school; Jena Malone, her close friend, becomes an outsider after getting pregnant. But she got pregnant to save her boyfriend from being gay, or so she thought. Augusta Exchange

SECRET WINDOW: (HHH, PG-13) Johnny Depp in another one of those performances of amusing eccentricity, as a thriller writer who is living alone in a cabin in the woods after splitting with his wife (Maria Bello). A gaunt, threatening stranger (John Turturro) accuses him of stealing one of his stories. Augusta Village

SHREK 2 (HHH, PG) Shrek and Fiona go to meet her parents, who would rather see their daughter with Prince Charming. Eddie Murphy steals scenes as the voice of Donkey, Mike Myers is Shrek, and John Cleese and Julie Andrews play the parents of Fiona (Cameron Diaz). Augusta Exchange, Aiken and Evans

SOUL PLANE (R) Snoop Dogg stars in a comedy as the questionable Capt. Mack, who learned how to fly by taking lessons on a flight simulator while in prison. Augusta Exchange, ends today, Evans and Aiken

STARSKY & HUTCH (HHH, PG-13) Often inspired retread of the 1970s TV series, with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the title roles. Augusta Village

THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK (PG-13) Vin Diesel re-creates his Pitch Black role, in which his ability to see in the dark proves useful for 26th-century galactic warfare. Dame Judi Dench calls some of the shots. Augusta Exchange, Evans and Aiken

THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW (HHH, PG-13) Sudden global warming floods Manhattan and then freezes it, along with most of the Northern Hemisphere, as billions die but the movie's characters survive and occupy preposterous subplots. With Dennis Quaid as a scientist, Jake Gyllenhaal as his son, Sela Ward as his wife, Ian Holm as a wise, sad meteorologist, and Kenneth Welsh as the obstructive vice president. Augusta Exchange, Evans and Aiken

THE LADYKILLERS (HH, R) Tom Hanks stars in a remake of the classic 1955 British comedy that starred Alec Guinness as a "musician" who rents a room from a sweet little old lady and uses it as the base for a criminal scheme involving four associates. Irma P. Hall plays the little old lady this time, in the film's only completely successful role; she's a churchgoing Baptist who innocently thwarts their plans. Augusta Village and Masters

THE STEPFORD WIVES (PG-13) Update of the 1975 cult fave features Nicole Kidman as an executive who suspects the worst of her picture-perfect community. The impressive cast includes Bette Midler, Matthew Broderick, Faith Hill, Christopher Walken, Jon Lovitz and Glenn Close. Augusta Exchange, Evans and Aiken

THE WHOLE TEN YARDS (H, PG-13) A fog of gloom, as actors who know they're in a turkey try their best to prevail. Bruce Willis plays Jimmy the Tulip, former hit man, hiding out in Mexico while his new wife (Amanda Peet) works as a hit woman. His old friend Oz the dentist (Matthew Perry), now married to Jimmy's former wife (Natasha Henstridge), also gets involved. Ends today, Augusta Village and Masters

TROY (HH, R) Brad Pitt stars as the great warrior Achilles in a movie that sidesteps the existence of the Greek gods, turns its heroes into action movie cliches, and proves we're getting tired of computer-generated armies. Augusta Exchange, Evans

VAN HELSING (PG-13) Hugh Jackman stars as the monster-hunting Dr. Van Helsing, in pursuit of Dracula and the Wolfman. Ends today at Augusta Exchange and Evans, opens Friday at Augusta Village and Masters

WALKING TALL (HH, PG-13) The Rock stars in a remake of the 1973 hit inspired by Sheriff Buford Pusser and his big oak club. In the modern version, the town mill has shut down, a casino has opened and The Rock's old enemy from high school (Neal McDonough) is selling drugs to the children. Augusta Village, ends today at Masters


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