Originally created 06/16/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

IT'S A SHAME THE Republicans have had to waste so much of this week bashing everyone else in the universe for lack of proper piety. If they'd paid more attention to the ceremonies for President Reagan, they might have learned a little about the role of good will in the human spirit.

WHAT A WEEK IT HAS been. Ray Charles got his sight back and Ronald Reagan got his memory back. God bless them both!

TO WHOM IT MAY concern: I would just like to say that writer Sylvia Cooper, of the City Ink section of the newspaper, really tells it like it is. I enjoy her columns and look forward to the many more that she will write.

THIS IS A RAVE FOR a local small business who, for the last eight years, has sponsored a golf tournament. All proceeds go to the home for abused children. It is nice to know there are people who care for children in need. Thanks. You are appreciated.

I'M TIRED OF hearing Georgia-Carolina on Channel 6 News. Are they too lazy to say Georgia and South Carolina? It sounds so like slang. I'd like you print this, because it makes me sick on my stomach, that Georgia-Carolina mess.

TO THE MONDAY, JUNE 14, rant about smoking areas: They're talking about smoking outside before you go into a building. I'm sure all the little birdies are going to fall out of the sky from emphysema. If you dig us a hole, we might give the little worms respiratory problems. If you let us smoke underwater, we might give the fishies problems with their breathing. Where ... do you expect us to smoke?

AUGUSTA COMMISSIONERS should follow the example of many cities and ban the use of gas-powered lawn blowers and edgers in residential areas. The noise is horrendous.

I'M SURE PRESIDENT Reagan would be embarrassed his son Ron would use his funeral service as an opportunity to take a stab at President Bush. A eulogy is no place to express sarcasm. What a smug little brat.

THIS IS IN REPLY to the uneducated idiot whose rant was opposed to wearing scrubs outside the medical profession. Read carefully and learn. One: All scrubs are not worn by the medical profession. Two: Scrubs have come a long way, baby. Ten years ago, they were all white. Now you have colors, prints, plaids, animation, you name it. That's gross? Three: They are made for comfort and accessibility, not for impressing uneducated idiots like you. Four: So for all you know, scrubs are worn by cooks, day care attendants, vets, clerks, nannies - and the beat goes on.

THIS IS A RANT ABOUT our judicial system. How can O.J. Simpson be walking free and Martha Stewart is facing possible imprisonment? Is this our judicial system's double standards or reverse discrimination?

A BIG RAVE FOR THE CITY of Wichita for selecting George Kolb. George, you should thank the Augusta commissioners for being so stupid and for the $20,000 increase in salary. Good luck, Mr. Kolb.

MY ANSWER TO the "mother of a Glenn Hills Elementary student": Yep lady, you're gonna get your wish. There will be consequences. People that don't want to follow God's Book will most certainly reap consequences.

THIS RANT IS FOR the parent at Glenn Hills Elementary. There is no harm in praying. If this country we live in don't start praying more often, we will not have a country worth living in. I hope that Richmond County and all other counties will start having a Bible study class, So that maybe the future Americans can get this country back on it's feet. God bless America!

I'M READING THIS MORNING a rant concerning our city administrator, Charles Martin. I wish that you all would not print the names of local officials in the paper, especially when negative rants are sent in. I'm also tired of seeing the negative rants concerning Dr. Larke.

I HAVE A RANT. Habitat For Humanity isn't all it's cracked up to be. I am low-income, and my house is falling apart. I have tried to contact HFH several times; no contact was returned. My bathroom is falling off the house, my roof needs repaired, and those are the major things. I can't afford to have any of this repaired myself. I thought they would be able to help me, but no!

IN REFERENCE TO the letter regarding the meeting between President Bush and the Pope, I would like to make a statement. The Pope may be the head of your church, but Jesus Christ is the head of mine!

BEFORE THE LAST NATIONAL election, I wrote in a letter that we wanted a senator that had Georgia on his mind once in a while and that Ray Charles did a much better job than the senator that we had at that time, and he did it free of charge. I mentioned that we might consider Ray for a senator's job, anyhow. Now, how about considering him for Saint Charles?

LAST YEAR, PEOPLE WERE reported watering on off days. Since it didn't seem to stop them, I hope people reported this year get a very large fine. It's probably the only way to get people to abide by the rules.

PLEASE CLEAN UP OUR CITY and then teach our people and children to have more respect for our city. Do not trash it up.

A BIG RANT TO ALL of the people who say to use prisoners to clean streets of trash. We are not slaves. If you wouldn't throw thrash out of car windows, the streets would stay clean.

WHEN WILL THE BOARD of Education build a new Hornsby Elementary School?

THE NATION BID FAREWELL to a former president who had such high respect for the Oval Office that he would not take off his coat while in it. The nation still has a former president who had such low respect for the Oval Office that he would not even keep his pants on while in it.

THIS IS TO THE PERSON who doesn't like the scantily clad young females walking around the Augusta Mall: Get a life. I like to watch them.

JUNE 14 WAS FLAG DAY. It is on every calendar printed in the United States. There was not one article or remembrance. What a shame.

WHEN CROWDS REJOICE over a car bomb attack, dancing around a charred body and shouting "Down with the USA," this would be a good time drop a bomb right in the middle of the insurgents. War is war. It would rid Iraq of those against rebuilding. The USA is too easy on our enemies. They're going to continue as long as we don't let them know we're serious. We need to be tough.


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