Originally created 06/16/04

Blame over Fort Discovery is misplaced

Regarding Lowell Greenbaum's letter June 11, "Governor pole-axed our Fort Discovery": He screams words of indignation at Gov. Sonny Perdue and other Republicans for the mess at Fort Discovery, and the governor's unwillingness to save it. I can only mention facts.

The failure of Fort Discovery to support itself financially is not the governor's or state government's fault.

Fort Discovery was there well before Gov. Perdue took office. In fact, those rascal Republicans didn't take office until 2003. Our state has been in Democratic hands for more than 130 years! Why didn't Mr. Greenbaum's beloved Gov. Barnes insure the financial well being of Fort Discovery?

Mr. Greenbaum and the other Democrats need to take their heads out of the sand and look at facts. The state's financial problems weren't caused by Republicans, but by Democrats who spent like there was no tomorrow. Now, they want government to remedy all our financial ills caused by such reckless behavior.

Mr. Greenbaum reminds me of a child in the toy section of a store who screams when the parent refuses to buy him the latest action figure.

Mr. Greenbaum, before you cast more stones, take a good look at your own glass house!

Charles Kimbrough


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