Originally created 06/11/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RANT to the teenage girls in the Augusta Mall walking around. Please put some clothes on. Nobody wants to see your stomach hanging over your pants. And learn some respect. Telling someone to move out of your way is disrespectful, especially when you're not in there shopping. Teenage girls like you can make the whole generation look bad. Cover up some, and learn respect.

I'M JUST WONDERING if Augusta would like to hire King Charles, that is, Charles Martin, the city administrator of North Augusta. We'd love to get rid of him over here. Y'all can have him.

This is about THE FACT that the entire newspaper did not give credit to the parole officers who are also down there at the G-8 Summit. I think it is a disgrace. You all are so swift in reporting everything, and then you leave out some of the people who are just as important as the other ones. I think you need to make a correction on this.

My rant is for the area Baptist churches I have visited. They all have this praise music, and they sing the same verse over and over. Why have hymn books? I have found one church that uses theirs. Thank God for Abilene Baptist Church.

NOW I WANT TO ANSWER that question about if President Bush wasn't in there, we wouldn't be in Iraq. Well, I thank the Lord we have President Bush, because if the Democrats were in there we'd be dead by now. The Democrats don't care enough. They're too scared to do anything. That's why we've got Republicans. They might have a mouth, but at least what's coming out is the truth.

I AM CALLING IN DEFENSE of Pope John Paul II. Whatever he said to our president, he had a right to. The president went to him. He didn't come to the president to say it. He was in Italy. And, yes, that country has been treated bad and attacked before. Our boys helped defend it. No one has a right to put down the pope. He is head of our church.


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