Originally created 06/11/04

Writers get Iraq, equality wrong

On Paul Cook's June 4 letter ("Bush used 'Brown' to show hypocrisy"): Mr. Cook needs to review Basic Social Engineering 101.

President Bush stands for equality of all Americans. We needed affirmative action programs for one generation, but to stay a world leader, it must end. It appears to me that all races that apply themselves seem to achieve their goals. We must reach for the carrot, and not wait for it to be tossed to us. It all starts with training at home, with loving parents.

Concerning Shawn Wilson's June 3 letter, "Abu Ghraib detainees are the victims": I'm sure that some of the detainees who were abused weren't terrorists. However, some were. We had to detain the ones who we thought were, or who associated with them. Some were released after interrogation.

We must never forget that we are at war with terrorists around the world. The presumption of innocence until proven guilty could be applied to all the terrorists who entered planes that caused the Sept. 11 disaster! We, and the rest of the free world, must take action before the horses get out of the barn. Even if mistakes are made, it's that serious.

Guy R. Dobson

Barnwell, S.C.

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