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Vacation postcards convey a taste of adventures

If you 're going to try crosscountry skiing, start with a small country.

- Saturday Night Live

Summer travel has begun, and so have our vacation postcards.

You know the rules.

We'll try to get one from all 50 states before Labor Day.

If you're traveling, send one to PO Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30903.

That way you can gain notoriety like your neighbors Lizzy and Chet Frady and Lowell and Evelyn Wakefield. They sent a postcard from Jamaica, where "we went to Dunn's River Falls and made it to the top! The guys enjoyed playing golf while we relaxed in the sun."

Linda Hathaway sends a card from Hilton Head Island, S.C., where she is "with family having fun."

John and Celia Albert, of Martinez, are visiting the Alberts of Flagler Beach, Fla. They say, "The weather is here, wish you were great."

Stan and Teresa, of Evans, send a card from Orlando, Fla., and Disney World, where they're having a great time with the family.

Ginny and Jim Cash, of Augusta, send another postcard from China. They write: "This has really been a great trip. Today, we saw the terra cotta warriors and horses. There is so much to see here. We were on a cruise on the Yangtze River for a few days."

Harry Mercer sends a colorful card from Indonesia. It shows several underclad gentlemen with spears and war paint. He terms it "group therapy run amok."

Brian and Donna Bogardus, of Aiken, send news of their "Slow Miata to Connecticut Tour." It comes from Brevard, N.C.

Their "Day 2" card features the Virginia Military Institute Museum and it shows "Little Sorrel" - Stonewall Jackson's stuffed horse.

Their day's biggest adventure seems to have been an accidental wrong turn that took them 20 miles out of the way.

Several cards have come from Thomas Ford up on Henry Street. He takes my "Thoughts of the Day" and puts them on homemade greeting cards.

Which brings us to ...


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Marriage may be made in heaven, but the maintenance work has to be done on Earth.


MAIL: Someone passed along a copy of the prayer list at Lincolnton Baptist Church with my name on it. Thanks. I can always use the guidance.


TODAY'S JOKE: Speaking of church, Doris Clements, of Augusta, sends along this one.

"I want to tithe," a man told his pastor. "I want to give 10 percent of my income to my church.

"When my income was $50 a week, I gave $5 to the church every week. When I was successful in business and my weekly income rose to $500 a week, I gave $50 to my church every week. But now my income has gone to $5,000 a week, and I just can't bring myself to give $500 to the church every week."

The pastor nodded his head wisely and said, "Why don't we pray?"

The man readily agreed. Both knelt, and the preacher began: "Dear Lord, please make this man's income $500 a week so that he can tithe again."

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