Originally created 06/03/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:I WONDER WHY Gov. Perdue will allow the Ogeechee District Attorney's Office and region five GBI office to investigate Sheriff Bobby Womack of Jenkins County when they have allowed him to get away with using inmates for labor and having drugs in his jail for a number of years. This doesn't make sense.

THIS IS A RAVE for the T.W. Josey Alumni Association. Hats off to the association for a lovely 40th anniversary super-reunion. I am a retired teacher of Josey, and it is to my understanding that many people wanted to see it fail. It was an absolute success. People are still talking about it and cannot wait until the next one.

IN REFERENCE TO THE decline of the downtown library patrons: I love the library, but the past several times I've visited there I had to stand at a bookcase to do reference work as all the tables and chairs were occupied by loud talking indigents. I have not seen this problem in any other city I've visited. Maybe the city should provide a day shelter and post a no loitering sign.

TO WHOEVER WROTE about the Catholic church and the pope being shown all the time: I think he has forgotten how many television programs are pre-empted to show Protestant Billy Graham. I cannot ever remember any program being pre-empted for the pope or the Catholic church.

SEN. JOHN KERRY is trying to shred the alliance of the U.S. and our brave troops. I think he is a traitor to the United States.

A RANT AGAINST censorship in the United States of America. So now we have had a winning film at the Cannes Film Festival, but because it points out some derogatory facts about the Bush administration, Disney and Miramax are afraid to release it in fear of reprisals by the White House. Shades of the old Soviet Union for us that remember that far back.

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME why we still have water rationing for outside watering? If it is a problem with water treatment or storage facilities, why doesn't the city of Augusta build the necessary facilities to treat and store the water we need? We waste enough money on other unnecessary projects.

A RANT TO THE PERSON who said Dr. Larke gave a check for the inner-city kids. He should, after he suckered the taxpayers for an extra $20,000 by calculating his vacation pay with all of his benefits added in. How dumb are you? Maybe you should give him a medal for cheating.

THIS IS A RAVE for Bill Kirby and his article in the paper Sunday morning. Drivers in this area are the worst I've ever encountered. Good job. I'm glad I'm not the only one who realizes that. Thank you, Mr. Kirby.

HERE'S A RAVE for Lance Lamback, who has cerebral palsy. He has done a wonderful job with his life. He has become a champion. I'm sure his father, Fred, has helped him too. We're proud of you, Lance. You're the kind of young people we need. You're not a whiner.

BILL COSBY for president! He tells it like it really is.


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