Originally created 06/03/04

Heighten your awareness of hunger

I am writing in reference to National Hunger Awareness Day, which is today, as mentioned in The Augusta Chronicle's Sunday article in the Richmond County Neighbors section.

In America, the CSRA included, obesity is a major health problem. People spend billions of dollars a year, on diet books, pills, diet programs and various "potions" for internal or external use, to lose weight.

Most of the overweight get that way by spending money on too much food, and some of them spend money to try to lose weight.

Therefore, I am writing to respectfully challenge those who have weight problems to give up the cost of super-sizing or ordering too large of a meal on National Hunger Awareness Day and donate that money to Golden Harvest Food Bank.

It's totally amazing that one-third of adult Americans are obese (61.3 million), while in 2002 more than 11 million had insufficient food availability.

Annette Owens, Augusta


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