Originally created 06/03/04

2004 graduations were appalling

I am a proud single mom of a young man that graduated May 26 from Hephzibah High School. I have scraped and worked overtime all year to ensure that my child had everything he needed to make his senior year special. My complaint is about how the Richmond County Board of Education says it saved money by having seniors graduate at their school stadiums.

I have never been so disappointed in the lack of appreciation this board has showed our students. All year long, parents and caretakers are expected to pay outrageous amounts of money toward senior pictures, caps and gowns, senior pages in the yearbooks and several other fees and dues for our children to graduate. In turn, they expect us to be content with standing up (because of lack of seating), battling the heat (the ceremony is outdoors), and fighting traffic jams (from lack of parking) at their commencement. This should be unacceptable to all parents and family members who attended this ceremony. Most of us could not even see our own children walk, much less hear when their names were called. This was a sad day for me, and I'm sure for most of the family and friends who attended this milestone in our child's life.

And how does our county school system reward these fine young men and women of tomorrow? By giving Charles Larke $94,000 for his vacation payout, money that could have been put to better use toward our graduating seniors' commencement ceremonies.

Our city will never be great as long as our government officials continue putting our children, who in essence are our future, second to themselves and their own political agendas. Thank you, Richmond County Board of Education, for showing our students just how unimportant they are to our community.

Carolyn Hickson, Hephzibah


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