Originally created 06/02/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the rave for Jerry Baldwin. If he's such a good director of public safety, he needs to teach his police officers how to drive a patrol car. They think they can drive like Dale Jr. on the roads of Harlem. I think if they want to continue driving like that, they need to sign up for NASCAR!

It's foolish TO WASTE $10,000 to find out Augusta's identity. We all know our identity. We're the "Home of the Masters." All you have to do is put the question to the public. Save the $10,000 for something important.

THIS IS A RANT for the Grovetown parent who is more concerned about her child's attire than the fact that the visual arts program has been cut out of her school! Get your priorities straight!

I HOPE AND PRAY that everyone that is contacted by the people on the committee to save Fort Gordon will really give generously. If the fort closes, the bozos that run the county will find out how sorry of a job they really do. I lived in Anniston, Ala., during the time of the closing of Fort McClellan and the leaders there worked together and the area has improved greatly. I have lived here for about four years and have only seen new business go elsewhere and the area in general go downhill. If our nonleaders here think they have problems now, just think what it would be like if they didn't have the income that the fort brings. What I have seen here is a sincere lack of leadership. If our elected officials cannot work together now, just think how things would be with no fort. South Augusta will become more of a ghost town than it is now.

CONGRATULATIONS, George Kolb - hopefully you will be working with some intelligent people.

TO THE LADY WRITING about dandelions. She is lucky she doesn't have a trashy jungle yard in her neighborhood like we do. Can't understand how they get by with it as it's a rental place.

THIS IS A RAVE for Grace at the Richmond County health department. I had a problem recently and she was so caring and kind. And my visit was very prompt and I was well taken care of.

TO EVERYONE RANTING about the improbability of the movie The Day After Tomorrow: Let me paraphrase William Shatner to a room full of Trekkies: "Get a life. It's only a movie."

I'M COMMENTING ABOUT an article where someone had given Dr. Charles Larke credit for (building) new schools and (increasing) test scores. He has. So have the teachers. Give him the credit but not a couple hundred dollars worth of it.

RANT FOR MENTAL HEALTH. No wonder Augusta has so many mentally challenged people and crime. Have they been taking placebos? Who is qualified to check medicine or screen an amount before it is given to a person? This would be real interesting.

I'M CALLING ABOUT THE article about Bill Cosby's speech in Washington. That was awesome. I praise him for doing that. More people need to stand up and voice their opinion on everything that's going wrong and not blame everyone. Thank you for printing that in the Augusta paper. I wish every paper in the country would run that.

NEW LEADERSHIP IN The Democratic Party is urgent. New faces must prevail.


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