Originally created 05/25/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

A BIG RAVE TO the Glascock County Diamond Panthers for a great 2004 Season. Congratulations on being Region 7-A Champs for the second consecutive year.

WHAT IS HAPPENING in Washington? We elect our leaders to run and lead our country, and instead we get a group of hostile people in Washington and fighting among themselves. I just wonder, sometimes, why does this happen during the war. I believe that there is more fighting in Washington than in Iraq.

A WOMEN IN HER 30S, brunette, white, ran into my car Wednesday on Washington Road at a stoplight in her black Suburban Chevrolet. She claimed that she had a diabetic seizure and to let her go to the Shell station so she could get something to drink. She said to meet her there. She left the scene. Her Suburban only lost its front bumper guard. If you know anyone by this description, call Columbia County police.

HERE GOES Marion Williams again. He was the motor mouth at Tuesday's commission meeting. My momma always told me, if you don't know what you are talking about, then keep your mouth shut. Silence is better than ignorance.

I HAVE A RANT for the nurse that was on staff on Tuesday evening on the ninth floor of University Hospital when my 82-year-old great-aunt was admitted. The nurse came into my aunt's room and commented loudly, "Another patient! They did not tell me I had another patient!" and left the room angrily. To that nurse and all nurses with poor bedside manners - patients are what you signed up for when you went to nursing school. Do you think that the patient is thrilled to be there? Patients need the love and support of a caring nurse. My great-aunt is scared of hospitals, and your attitude did not help any. Change your attitude or change careers!

A HUGE RANT TO anyone who abandons an animal by throwing it away, tying it to a gate, letting it loose or tossing it out of a vehicle. You are ignorant, cruel and inhumane. And you belong in jail.

I HAVE A RANT for the oxygen-deprived person that wrote that men should be advising women. I guess you would be happy if women did not have the right to vote either. God bless America, especially the idiots - they need lots of help and attention - they are so special.

I HAVE A RANT concerning the article in Sunday's paper concerning the child custody cases: The Chronicle should have investigated the women in question more thoroughly. If they had, they would have found that the things these women did while they had their children would turn anybody's stomachs. The children are much better off where they are now. Also, the innuendo in the article insinuating that Judge Mulherin's son got preferential treatment was very one-sided and without merit. Does being a relative of a public person automatically mean you are guilty of using influence to achieve things?


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