Originally created 05/25/04

'Boston Globe' rape story was a fake

In rebuttal to Brenda Turner's May 19 letter ("Columnist misses mark on defining atrocity"), I'd like to say that Walter Williams had hit the point with his "Humiliating? Yes, Atrocity? No" column.

Ms. Turner makes reference to the story that The Boston Globe supposedly broke on U.S. soldiers gang-raping an Iraqi woman. Well, it turns out the Globe posted pictures from an Internet porn site that depicts "military sex" and has porn actors dressed in military uniforms supposedly "raping" another porn actress dressed as an Iraqi. The Globe was told that the pictures weren't true, but in their anti-war, Bush-hating agenda, they printed them anyway.

Just more proof that the hate-Bush crowd won't let anything, including the truth, stand in their way.

Michael K. Rockwell, Augusta


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