Originally created 05/24/04

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RANT for the person who said teen clubs are the reason children are in the position they are in today. No, the reason is because of a lack of caring parents, such as yourself, who want other people to raise their children for them.

I'D LIKE TO SAY I love this country and our flag. But I really dislike the crass salesmen who try to use it to sell their products. It's the lowest thing that can be done with it.

CONGRATULATIONS TO our Georgia governor for passing the law that allows the increase of double the alcohol content and beer, thereby saving the people money. They can get drunk - legally drunk - for half the money. That's great that he's looking out for the money of the people of Georgia.

THE TRUTH HAS FINALLY won out. I realized you have The God Squad on the comics page and the religion section entirely separate.

IT LOOKS LIKE A JUNKYARD in Iraq. If the radicals and terrorists continue to blow up vehicles, gas and oil won't be needed in Iraq. Perhaps we can get more in the United States to help bring the prices down. We would really appreciate our gas being at 4 cents a gallon as it is over there.

HOW CAN SOMEONE without the education and common sense and continuous grumbling be qualified to discuss the administrator's contract? On election day, I hope everyone checks his contract.

HOW CAN OUR CHILDREN go to school and be with registered sex offenders? Or ride moving buses while standing? Or eat lunch seated next to Mr. Potato Head, the Columbia County kid my child tells me lines rows of baked potatoes on lunch room tables only to smash them using his head? Why do two kids have to share one textbook? Why aren't children allowed to write on tests? Is it because of paper? Don't they get money for paper, books and buses?

I WANT TO PLACE a rant for Grovetown Middle School. My daughter and her friend wore pajama pants, long cotton ones, the last day of school, and they wanted to send her home for it. We are talking about the last day of school. My child is not a problem child and has never been in serious trouble. I can't believe they made a big deal out of this. Why not reprimand the ones who create problems and not the ones who stay out of trouble?

MY SON RIDES BUS 208, Teresa Ingram's bus, in Columbia County. My name is Tammy, and I want to let her know how much I appreciate what she did for him. He got off the bus, and a dog bit him in the back. She put him back on the bus to keep him from getting hurt. I want to tell her we appreciate that a whole bunch.

THIS IS A RANT to the Mystic. At least with Republicans you can tell where they stand on issues, instead of flip-flopping such as Kerry.

WHY IS IT THAT high school seniors who take text prep courses and make straight A's are considered honor students when those who take advanced-placement, college-level courses they can receive college credit for and make a B are not considered honor students?


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