Originally created 05/24/04

Five questions with Charles Simpkins

Charles Simpkins, 49, is the head custodian at Aiken High School. He oversees a staff of 11 workers and has worked as a custodian in Aiken County for 22 years.

1. What's the hardest thing to clean up?

"The restrooms. They're hard to clean, and it's not much fun. The kids don't flush very often. Actually, hardly ever. It's pretty messy in there."

2. What kind of items do you find in lockers at the end of the year?

"You'll find expensive clothing or one shoe. We also find a lot of pennies stuck in lockers. It's weird stuff. Crazy-looking watches and hats. I wonder where they get some of these things."

3. Do you ever find love letters?

"All the time. They say things like, 'I really had a good time last weekend. Can we do it again?' or 'I love you so much. Check here if you love me.' They're pretty funny."

4. What's the best part of the job?

"It's when you see the kids grow up and move on. That's really the most rewarding part of the job."

5. What do you do during the summer?

"What don't we do? We do everything from redoing the floors to painting walls and cleaning out lockers. We have to hurry to get everything done to get it ready for the next school year. It's not any easier. But we can joke around a little more because the kids aren't here."


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